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Would you like to lose weight without dieting or meal-skipping? Introducing a nutritional supplement with a 20-year safety and effectiveness track-record, and has been used by millions of people world-wide. It is formulated to support your body, maintaining its optimum balance for healthy weight. This collagen protein (collagen hydrolysate) formula is easily digested and supplies your body with very important nutrients to help your body to maintain collagen production. Nutritionally feeds your body, which allows it to support itself in maintaining or increasing your lean muscle tissue, which helps your body to utilize fat and sugar effectively as well as supporting your body’s natural mechanisms. Increasing lean muscle tissue allows your body to burn more calories while at rest, so if you don't increase your calorie intake, increased lean muscle tissue can result in burning more calories even while you sleep! For those who are underweight or in good physical condition, encourages your body to reach its highest level of vitality, without additional loss of lean muscle mass, which frequently occurs during "dieting".



The Futuristic Formula


The weight loss product of the future is a natural product that does not stimulate, starve or trick your body into weight loss. And it's here now! This breakthrough formula feeds your body with a collagen protein supplement. Nutritionally supports your body’s ability in utilizing fat.


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“ I’m feeling like I can really do this. This is my new reality. I’m really focused”.

Hami: 90lb. Weight Loss

Posted: Jun 14 in PRO SLIMMING Results by GM

I didn’t like my weight at all and knew it was time to do something about it! When my husband and I went in for PRO SLIMMING initial consultation, we were confident that PRO SLIMMING would provide us with the extra support I needed and a team to hold me accountable! I loved the support I received throughout my weight loss journey! The people at GM are the best!

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Andy: 59lb. Weight Loss

Posted: Apr 19 SUPERIOR FAT BURNER Results by GM

Superior Fat Burner literally saved me from surgery. I was preparing to undergo lap-band surgery. When I had a visit with the surgeon, he didn’t even know who I was, if that was my initial visit or what stage of the process I was even at. It was actually my THIRD visit and I was ready to undergo the lap-band process. At that point I decided that this was NOT the route I wanted to take, especially with this particular surgeon. While I was re-evaluating my options on whether or not I was going to proceed with that surgeon, I looked into other options and found Superior Fat Burner

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Jennifer: 85lb. Weight Loss

Posted: Apr 04 in VELOVE SLIMMING Results by GM

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. After the birth of my twins, my weight continued to spiral out of control and I gained another 30 pounds within 3 years. Life gets so busy and I found myself making poor choices due to lack of planning (and quite frankly lack of sleep). After I knew VELOVE SLIMMING, I knew this product was just what I needed and signed up bought it.

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Tim: 101.8lb. Weight Loss

Posted: Jan 26 in SUPERIOR FAT BURNER by GM


Tim began his journey in March of 2011. Tim was maxed out on his blood pressure medications, felt uncomfortable in his own skin and was ready to make a change! His strength, perseverance, focus and hard work paid off immensely! Tim set the record with SUPERIOR FAT BURNER. Cloud for the most amount of weight lost in the shortest amount of time!